¬†I am a down-to-earth web applications designer and developer with a passion for innovative user experience development. I found my passion in 1999 when I build my first website in Microsoft Frontpage and hosted it on Anglefire and only updated periodically for the next couple years. (I probably shouldn’t show you this, but I actually found the link). That’s all before I knew the basic design fundamentals and web standards (note the fancy marquee at the top… ouch..).[bananas]

I have since evolved to a highly efficient web development machine. Taking visual concepts into functional pieces of web art in a matter of hours. Through my experience, I have gained knowledge of both client side and server side scripting which makes grasping other programming languages much easier and I am able to beat the learning curve.

I am enjoy constantly learning new things and strive to advance forward.

Some awesome things about me:

  • treasure hunter
  • aquatic explorer
  • space traveler
  • archaeological¬†engineer
  • none of the above
  • web designer
  • web developer
  • wordpress developer
  • jQuery plugin developer
  • artist

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